e-Learning productions

After producing 50+ educational materials (CD/DVD, touch-screen apps, web pages, and web streamed presentations), Meducati feels confident in stating that “we know this”. Our customers should think of their educational activities, not as stand-alone projects, but as means to reach a higher objective. An educational activity should provide output that is beneficial not only for the attendee but also for the customer. This is fundamental for organizations that adhere to a continuous improvement mentality.

Experience and communication help an organization to grow. An educational activity should be thought of as a mean to spread knowledge that lead to an increased awareness, resulting in for example less non-randomized patients in a clinical study, or better understanding of a severeness grading scale.

An educational activity should benefit both the attendee and the instructor. Progress should ideally be made measurable; to be able to decide when someone is ready to continue to the next step, for the instructor to learn what can be made better in future trainings, or if extra actions are needed instantly to save a time-constrained project.

With or without measuring of progress, Meducati thinks it is important that the expense for producing learning always get covered by the endpoint revenue gain. Educational activities should be considered as investments in the organization and part of a continuous strive for improvement.

Meducati employees have produced more than 50 educational activities for pharmaceutical companies and research organizations where most have been distributed via CD, kiosks (touch-screen), video streams, and web pages. We can help you with every part of the production, from project management, setting up an outline, designing a storyboard, keeping track of content, producing content, producing software and graphics, production, and packaging (SCORM-compliant optional). We work with partners but handle project management, software development (Flash/AS3, VB, HTML5) and quality assurance in-house.