Communication stategy

When you want to take your communication to a higher level, at some point you will need to consider including IT-support. Information that can be used for efficient decision-making can be developed from collected and analyzed data. Data can only be gathered after understanding the communication flows and an ability to structure these into tangible maps where software can tap in and listen. It is very useful when you want to speed up your project.

Communication is the sum of two entities sharing a message. The message will be filtered on both ends and in the channel where is submitted. When two computers “talk”, the degree of complexity is very low because everything can be broken down to ones and zeros (something is either black or white and with no room for greys). When two people exchange knowledge the situation is the opposite, every shade of grey is possible. Not two people are exactly alike, and they both bring message filters to the discussion.

In an educational situation, this puts some responsibility on the instructor. In a worst case scenario, two independent attendees can leave a session with totally different minds on what was communicated. How can the instructor be sure that whatever was taught was picked up and used the way it was intended?

A communication strategy is implemented to overcome such obstacles. By communication mapping, identification of potential risk areas can found. Meducati believes that IT has an important role to play in the communication process. Electronic aids can be used to tap into the communication map in order to listen for data and analyze trends (that can be acted upon). A communication strategy should describe what to listen for and how to react on whatever comes out.

Whenever at least one part of the communication is a person, a lean approach is necessary. Communication must be put into a bigger picture where it is performance gain that is the endpoint. The effort put into carrying out educational activities is only one piece in the puzzle and should be considered a part of this greater goal. It also means that activities should be continuously carried out until the instructor believes that attendees are ready to proceed or when resources are better invested elsewhere.

Meducati has an established method for defining a communication platform framework. Contact us to learn more.