Learning Managment Systems (LMS)

The primarily objective for a LMS is to host e-courses. There are many available covering different aspects of the learning cycle. Some more advanced ones now also cover “performance management” where attention is taken to the individuals needs to a greater extent. Meducati has performed extensive research in clinical studies and has established a framework for how communication is passed along in this environment. We believe that training strategies must origin from the needs of the participants but also be directly related to progress milestones in the given scenario. We want to substitute performance management to competence management.

Meducati has developed a micro-LMS built on this framework (that in time will be full-grown). We use it to host some of our educational products and it is especially designed to host our image-recognition software. The LMS track how the participants becomes better and has the possibility to compare different types of training in order to find the best approach for the targeted audience and type of training.