Meducati was founded in 2011 by Bjorn Haman who already has a 10 year track record of professional experience from the pharmaceutical industry. Meducati has been involved in clinical studies from the start by offering project management and software development services to customers. Typical services include:

  • Managing clinical study workflows
  • IT-solutions for supporting clinical studies
  • Competence and training management
  • Establishing communication strategies
  • Producing (e)Learning courses
  • Managing it- project on behalf of the customer, including establishing requirements specifications, negotiations with subcontractors, and delivery control.

Björn Håman has a M.Sc in informatics systems specialized in learning and online collaboration. 10 years of working with pharmaceutical companies and organizations.

Visiting address:
Bollhuset, Gårdshus 1
Åvägen 24, Gårda, Göteborg

+46 708 205052