Procurement support

Meducati helps organizations with their IT-projects, particularily when it comes to software development. We define requirements, find and evaluate subcontractors, evaluates budget versus expectations and find the right solution for the given task. We also take on the role as project leader/ owner during development and implementation phases.

Meducati has been developing software solutions for many years, including document storage, digital signage, video streaming, touch-kiosks, databases etc. We have experience in working both in development and as project manager. Bjorn Haman is our systems architect with a M.Sc. in informatics systems and has previously worked as product development manager.

Meducati also has experience from coming in early in a project; tasked with establishing strategies and workflows that will cope well with it solutions.

With a combined knowledge of the software development cycle, and more than ten years supporting the healthcare industry with various development projects, Meducati knows both sides of the coin. We can offer your organization with parts or taking full responsibility for your project.

Prior to setting the product or service requirements, it is important for the architect to have a bigger picture. This enables us to already at an early stage stake out a course that will make future additions easier to implement. By contacting Meducati early, we can make sure that as many questions as possible have been answered before commencing into development.

A requirement specification covers what expectations the customer has of a product. Meducati can set up or review these requests in such a way that the development cycle becomes as efficient as possible to keep costs down and pace high.

Meducati is a small company, and will not take on any large development projects without a subcontractor. We can do this either as a “full-service”, where Meducati takes full responsibility towards the customer, or as a control function, where the client and the contractor have an agreement and where Meducati has the responsibility to make sure that settled agreements are carried out according to plan. This is a good solution for organizations that does not have the it-knowledge or resources needed to fully understand what expectations that is adequate given a specific budget, or how to handle a project that suddenly goes out of control.


  • Strategy
  • Requirement specification
  • Finding subcontractors
  • Project management