Learning solutions

Do you know what effect your training brings to the project? How is the amount of time and resources that you spend on education related to the quality of the outcome? Do you have a process for weighting KPI variances in your business against people’s competencies? Meducati has the means to help.

Learning solutions can take numerous shapes, but should always origin from one purpose; to prepare project member for carrying out tasks as efficiently as possible. Meducati believes that the solutions selected should be based on an analysis of the needs and that the success of a learning incentive should be measured towards the quality of the project outcome.

Basically, this means the incentive of committing to a learning solution should come from a wish to improve quality. The approach can be adopted in many situations. In a clinical study, quality metrics includes for example recruitment and randomization rates.

Meducati offers the necessary services and products to establish a solid communication framework. Strategically, we can help you with a communication strategy where we perform an analysis of your status today, where you want to be tomorrow, and suggest what processes and tools you need to take you there. Meducati utilizes our in-house developed communication model for this (Contact us for details).

The term Learning Management System (LMS) typically represents a software category for hosting e-learning courses. Never products has a tendency to also focus on the individuals, by testing competencies and suggesting courses based on skills. Meducati has its own micro-LMS. Originally it was specifically designed for some of our image-detection trainings, but can now also host basic e-courses. If you have more advanced needs, we can help you find the best solution for your organization.

Meducati also produce software. We have designed over 50 training tools over the last 10 years. It includes simulators, web pages, video instructions, voting solutions, webcasting, touch-interfaces, presentations, electronic question cards (for symposia), and CD/DVD productions.